Berry Brothers & Rudd: Coronations, Royalty & Wine
1 June 2020
Join us in the Pickering Cellar at BBR for an evening of wine, royalty and coronation history. Fine wines have long been part of prestigious royal ceremonial events and this evening will highlight regal links, from the Tsars of Russia to Hungarian connections. Hosted by Rebecca Lamont, Head of Wine School, with guest speakers Dr George Gross and Dr David J. Crankshaw.
Russia, Royalty & The Romanovs

The Queen's Gallery, Palace of Holyroodhouse

June - November 2019

An impressive exhibition that brings together family, diplomatic, political and artistic connections between the two royal houses of Britain and Russia. 

Many of the works of art featured were commissioned as diplomatic gifts, others as intimate personal mementos, including miniature masterpieces by the famous House of Fabergé.

Sotheby's 'Napoleon's Chair'

The October 2018 sale The Midas Touch will include an incredibly rare original char, commissioned by Napoleon for his coronation in 1804.

Napoleon coronation chair.jpg
Research in Ireland - April 2018

Continuing our international trawl through the archives, we had a very successful research trip to Ireland in April, visiting a number of repositories in Dublin and the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland in Belfast. As ever, our inquiries yielded a mixture of the predictable and the unpredictable to feed into our range of publications.

Dr David Starkey - 'Henry VIII and Luther: A Reappraisal'
6 February 2018, 5.15pm

A Starkey Coup and a Coronation Reference!

As co-convenors and joint organisers for the programme for 2017–18 of the seminar on the 'Religious History of Britain 1500–1800' at the Institute of Historical Research, we were delighted to welcome Dr David Starkey to our series on 6 February. The famous television history presenter, prolific author and public intellectual ('The Moral Maze', 'Question Time'), addressed a packed Great Hall at Lambeth Palace; this was the special venue because the event was being held in conjunction with Lambeth Palace Library and for its Friends. Dr Starkey's paper was a tour de force, giving the audience a riveting insight into what he is currently writing, namely the second volume of his biography of Henry VIII. Bringing to bear either new or neglected source material, and characteristically shooting revisionist interpretative rockets in various directions, he gave a vigorous account of the king's religious intellectual formation, his reaction to the emergence of Luther's heresy and the collapse of what had been a united anti-Lutheran front. In the course of his analysis, and of particular interest vis-a-vis the British Coronations Project, was his mention of Henry VIII's autograph revision of the 'Coronation Oath'. While it has become de rigueur for historians to cite this effort as evidence of his caesaro-papist ambitions, or status, they have struggled to date it exactly and thus to locate it adequately in the developing Reformation story. In his remarkably wide-ranging paper, Dr Starkey did not have time to dwell on this episode, but it sounded as though he may have cracked the chronological puzzle - he certainly made the revision integral to his argument, hinting at what it tells us of Henry VIII's intentions. We look forward to learning more upon the appearance of Dr Starkey's book in due course.

Sotheby's 'The Crown Jewels'

The January 2018 sale Of Royal and Noble Descent included a show piece lot - a replica set of the Crown Jewels.


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