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Dr David Crankshaw was educated at the University of Cambridge under Professor Sir Geoffrey Elton and Professor Patrick Collinson. His doctoral research was on the Elizabethan and early Stuart clergy, and he has published on aspects of clerical patronage, on the life and career of Matthew Parker (Elizabeth I’s first Archbishop of Canterbury) and on the history of St Paul’s Cathedral, c.1540-c.1714. In 2017, he will publish a substantial edition of fresh material relating to Elizabethan government. Dr Crankshaw co-convenes a postgraduate research seminar on the ‘Religious History of Britain 1500-1800’ held at the Institute of Historical Research in London. Although he had long been intrigued by the controversy surrounding Elizabeth I’s coronation, it was the supervision of George Gross’s BA dissertation and PhD thesis at King’s College London that really fired his enthusiasm for researching coronations in general, which will see fruition in a large number of collaborative publications.

Dr George Gross was educated at King’s College London, studying Theology and specialising (in a final-year dissertation supervised by Dr David Crankshaw) in Tudor Coronations. This was followed by a Masters in Early Modern History, focussing on early Stuart Coronations, at the University of Cambridge. He completed a doctorate on later Stuart, Orange and Hanoverian coronations at King’s College London – also under Dr Crankshaw – with the title ‘‘The Lord’s Anointed’: British Coronations in Religious, Political and Social Contexts, c.1661–c.1714’, in April 2017. George has lectured and examined on Reformation history and early modern religious/political thought. He has read and discussed papers at the Institute of Historical Research in London, Westminster Abbey, the British Academy and at the University of Kent, and is currently preparing his coronation research for publication. He is a co-convener at ‘The Religious History of Britain, 1500–1800’ seminar held at the Institute of Historical Research in London.


Coronation History (International)

The English Reformation

The Elizabethan Catholic community

The Elizabethan Privy Council

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